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Beloved and Dangerous Cult

A group of friends are discussing the prospective origin of a beautifully designed chair in the room. It was a solid, antique Victorian wooden armchair, almost royal in appearance covered with red leather upholstery. Although they knew very little about … Continue reading

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Morally Corrupt and Dangerous Fiction

  Today’s embrace of the theory of evolution by natural selection, as if it were a proven scientific fact, has much more to do with the scientific culture ridden by dishonesty than with the workings of empirical science. When this … Continue reading

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My God is Not Frankenstein

Contrary to the creepy, slow-moving ways Jesus’ miracles are often featured in popular movies that pretend at portraying His life and mission, whenever Jesus spoke the words of healing the miracles would follow instantaneously. A blind man Bartimaeus “immediately recovered … Continue reading

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