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Video: Uganda Report – Developing Young Leaders in East Africa

Two weeks ago Bojan Ruvarac, new Renewing Our Minds director, and Tihomir Kukolja (ROM Director 2001-2019) were visiting Uganda. We meet with the leaders of the Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF) from Uganda and Eastern Africa.  We shared our work … Continue reading

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A Message at the End of One Long Season of Leadership

I’ve been away from updating and refreshing this place since May. The reason for my absence was that since May all my time was taken by leading and execution of my final project as the Renewing Our Minds (ROM) ministry … Continue reading

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The Right Time and the Right Cause to Give

Friends, let me share something from my filed of service that has been my primary work and ministry over the past sixteen years. If you feel inclined to respond feel free to see the additional information as you read our … Continue reading

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A Painful and Sobering Reflection

A slightly upgraded version of my message shared yesterday on my Facebook page. For more than fifteen years I have been privileged to lead a leadership development and reconciliation ministry that continues to teach the young leaders of the Balkans … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Message from the President

I have been privileged to attend the National Prayer Breakfasts (NPB) in Washington DC almost every year since 2004. I was there too one week ago at the 65th annual National Prayer Breakfast. A number of people involved from the … Continue reading

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My Statement On the 2016 Election

I have been placed under much pressure and intimidation lately. This would happen every time when I shared a link on my Facebook page expressing a concern about the presidential fitness of Donald Trump. The same happened, even more forcefully, … Continue reading

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Why We Care about the Refugees?

These were the days of early September last year. We were only a couple of weeks away from the finish of the 2015 Renewing Our Minds (ROM) Gathering in Fuzine, Croatia. A group of ROM leaders developed a quick plan … Continue reading

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Human Dignity Means Responsibility

Leo van Doesburg, Director for European Affairs and Policy Advising of European Christian and Political Movement (ECPM) talks about ECPM and its views on dignity of human life, family values, gender equality, legalization of same sex marriages, euthanasia, prostitution, human … Continue reading

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When Enemies Love and Serve Each Other

At the time when a new intensive season of ROM is coming it is good to remember the past seasons. One of them was portrayed in this article published by The Huffington Post on September 26, 2011: Investing in a … Continue reading

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Courage to Freefall With Jesus

Eunice Vatran (daughter) and Marioara Dugulescu (wife) share the story of the Romanian pastor, writer, poet, humanitarian activist, revolutionary leader and politician Petru Dugulescu. During the years of communism in Romania, under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu, Petru Dugulescu endured … Continue reading

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